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  • Giles Dillingham, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientist, BTG Labs - See more at:

    Giles Dillingham, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientist, BTG Labs

    A Deep History in Materials Science


    President and Chief Scientist of BTG Labs, Dr. Giles Dillingham’s fascination by the connections between the invisible (the molecular structure of the world around us) and the perceivable (the properties and behavior of materials and objects) stems from a very early age.

    It wasn’t until he had nearly completed a degree in biology that he discovered the field of study that formalizes this broad interdisciplinary subject: Materials Science. After finding this new specialty, he went on to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati in 1987. He used advanced surface analytical tools to demonstrate the ability of surfaces to profoundly influence the molecular structure of adhesives at the interface. …Read More

  • Contact Angle Measurments on Oxidized Polymer Surfaces Containing Water Soluble Species

    Mark Strobel , Seth M. Kirk , Luke Heinzen , Eric Mischke , Christopher S. Lyons , Jim Endle , Derrick Poirier , Giles Dillingham Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology Vol. 29, Iss. 14, 2015

    When Polymer Surfaces are Not Easily Accessible


    A recent collaboration between BTG Labs and 3M scientists demonstrates that the Surface Analyst™ can provide receding contact angles. These contact angles precisely match the Wilhelmy-balance values, but in seconds instead of minutes.

    The Surface Analyst does not only apply to small samples of polymer films. It can also apply to manufactured objects of almost any configuration of sample or material.

    This rapid measurement enables the investigation of polymer surface properties not easily probed by other wettability measurement methods such as dyne solutions.
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  • BTG_Logo_4C_H-300x240The New BTG Labs


    Welcome to the new, the online home of the Surface Analyst™.  You’ve known us as Brighton Technologies, but like the scientists we are, we’re always analyzing, calibrating, innovating, and looking for new and better ways to solve a problem.

    Our new name and logo better reflects who we are: a modern and innovative surface analysis company. We call the new, full color logo the Taking Flight mark. It is an abstraction of the contact angle measurement, flowing across multiple dimensions. The logo celebrates the uniqueness and innovation of BTG Labs as well as our ties to diverse industries. …Read More