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  • Connect with BTG Labs at CAMX 2017

    by Christian Meininger December 2017

    BTG Labs will exhibit at CAMX 2017, The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, which will run December 11-14 in Orlando, FL. BTG Labs will host booth N17. Visit our booth for live demonstrations of the Surface Analyst.

    BTG Labs’ CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham will give a presentation entitled “Rapid Development of Surface Treatment Processes” on Wednesday, December 13 at 2:00 pm, Room W209A.

    Giles will discuss the use of rapid water contact angle measurements to screen surface preparation methods for adhesive bonding processes, and the transition of these measurements into the manufacturing environment to ensure long-term control. The course will review successful application of water contact angle measurements in laser surface preparation, peel ply and plasma treatment and secondary bonding of dissimilar materials in aircraft repair. Add this course to your MyCAMX schedule here.

    Giles will also be teaching a short course along side BTG Labs’ partner Lou Dorworth of Abaris Training Resources. This short course titled, “Surface Preparation & Adhesion Principles: Successful Bonding of Composites” will examine methods for achieving long-lasting bonds to laminated RFP composite structures by focusing on techniques to ensure proper surface preparation and surface treatment.

    This course will take place Monday, December 11 from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm in room W207C. Add it to your MyCAMX schedule here.

    If you bond, coat, clean, seal, print, or paint, be sure to add the BTG Labs booth to your schedule here.

  • BTG Labs Lead Sales Engineer Lucas Dillingham will present “What Manufacturers Need to Measure When Controlling Surfaces for Adhesion” at AMI’s Polymer Testing & Analysis 2017 on September 20, 2017 at 12:10 pm. This event will run September 19-20 at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center.

    The conference will be AMI’s first Polymer Testing & Analysis program in the United States. This showcase will allow industry insiders the opportunity to discover and converse about the latest in polymer testing. Questions to be addressed will include “How will a change in compound formulation affect the mechanical properties of an end product?” and “What are the latest regulations governing food-contact plastics?”

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  • Tom McLean’s distinctive voice can often be heard throughout the halls of BTG Labs. I sat down with President and Chief Growth Officer of BTG Labs to learn more about the man behind the voice.

    If you could, please walk me through the steps of your career.

    The career is dominated by software. I started working in the software business in ‘76. At that time, when you told people that you worked at a software company, they didn’t even know what it was. If I was at a cocktail party and said software, people would usually think ‘software’ referred to clothing.

    “Anyway, software from the early days was meant for computers the size of a warehouse. Things that were once done on computers costing millions of dollars are now done on your cell phone for almost nothing.”

    “There are similarities between Ci-Vision [where Mr. McLean was President] and BTG Labs. Ci-Vision is a vision inspection company using cameras, lights, and software, and BTG Labs uses cameras, lights, and software to inspect products, so it is also a vision company in many ways. Software is key in both situations. The more powerful your software, the more value you provide. We have a sophisticated scientific instrument here [the Surface Analyst™], which has important hardware elements, but software is also key.

    “I started my career as a programmer with a goal of going into sales and marketing. I was successful at sales, and over time, moved to product management, which I enjoyed most. To me, it is the most exciting area of any company. At BTG Labs, product management determines what features go into the next release of a product and the overall product direction. We blend what the market needs and wants, and what we can physically develop, not unlike other companies I have managed.” …Read More

  • Presenting the BTG Labs Online Shop

    by Christian Meininger August 2017

    BTG Labs is pleased to announce the online shop is now live.  You can now easily find and order your Surface Analyst™ accessories. Items include replacement Fluid Cartridges, Performance Verification Check Surfaces, AC Adapters, Battery Chargers, and Battery Packs. Keep your Surface Analyst up to date and running smoothly with these accessories.

    We plan to add our Extended Care Plan online soon, which includes annual calibration, priority access phone support, and a loaner instrument if your Surface Analyst ever needs repair or maintenance.

    The shop will facilitate a simple, fast transaction for BTG Labs customers.

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