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The Ten Minute Talk that Could Spark Never-Before-Seen Improvements in Your Manufacturing Operation

10 Minutes to Fix your Manufacturing Operations


What could happen in 10 minutes?

Well, if you work to improve a manufacturing operation, you know that means quite a bit...

Process engineers, quality control managers and manufacturing company executives all make decisions each week that ultimately either hurt, or help, their company's manufacturing operation.


What if 10 minutes could steer the ship on a new, never-before seen direction backed by scientific results pulled straight from the factory floor, ones that actually improve every aspect of your operation?


It's more than possible, and we're making that fact known now, as attendees of the Advanced Materials for Defense Summit on July 11th-12th at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, Virginia will have the chance to learn how we're shaking up the manufacturing industry with a game-changing approach to process and quality control.

Bold claim?

Marketing hype?

No way, as we back it up with proven surface science that puts the surface to the test and lets the material speak for itself.

But instead, come see Lucas Dillingham, Senior Sales Engineer, speak:Manufacturing Operations

New Methodology & Metrology for Surface-Critical Process Control
July 11th, 10:30-10:40 a.m., Advanced Materials for Defense Summit

If you're attending, be sure to swing by, but you can speak to Lucas and our surface-science backed sales team anytime, by reaching out using the contact form below!