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BTG Labs Attends the Adhesion Society Annual Meeting


For the past five years BTG Labs has been a major presence at the annual meeting of the Adhesion                          Society. This year we are heading to Hilton Head, SC Friday 2/15 – Tuesday 2/19, to share our insight into how adhesion success begins and ends at the surface of materials used in bonding.

BTG Labs’ CEO and Chief Scientist, Dr. Giles Dillingham, has been an active member of the Adhesion Society since the 1980’s and is a Robert L. Patrick Fellow of the Society. He has over 120 publications and patents and is teaching two sessions at this year’s Short Course as well as presenting at the conference during the Society Meeting.

Dr. Dillingham’s first education course on Friday will examine the basic principles of adhesion and surface chemistry: how they are inextricably codependent and what the nature of their relationship is. The concepts he’ll be discussing is the science at the heart of all the work BTG Labs does. It’s this foundation that has allowed us to build an extensive customer base within a wide range of industries to develop and enhance manufacturing processes.

The next course Dr. Dillingham will be leading takes the fundamentals of the first course and expands on them by exploring how to analyze and control the chemical makeup of a surface. The understanding that comes from the surface analysis allows for the proper control of the surface chemistry which, in turn, makes it possible to reliably predict adhesion success. This correlation between chemistry and adhesion is the fuel that powers BTG Labs’ technology.

On Tuesday 2/19 Dr. Dillingham will be presenting “Measurement of Surface Energy for Development and Control of Surface Treatment Processes: Dyne solutions; Multi-fluid, and Single Fluid Contact Angle Methods”. In this paper he goes into detail about the various methods of measuring and monitoring surface chemistry in treatment processes and examines the validity of each; their repeatability, reliability and accuracy.

BTG Labs will also have a table in the exhibition hall Sunday 2/17 – Tuesday 2/19. All attendees and speakers are welcome to visit us to discuss how to apply the principles Dr. Dillingham presented into practical, manufacturing contexts. We’re thrilled to be participating in this event year after year and to be a part of the essential conversations that take place among the Adhesion Society.

If you aren’t going to be attending this conference, use the form below to reach out to one of our Surface Experts to learn about how to get your free Production Line Process Walk. This walk allows you to see what your Critical Control Points are so you can optimize your process for bonding, sealing, printing, coating, painting or laminating.