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Supplier Product Quality: Common Questions Circuit Board Printers and Manufacturers Ask BTG Labs

We get our circuit boards from an international supplier and don't have a clear understanding of what the , so how can we trust they understand our concerns and are objective with their answers?

  • Introducing a mutually-agreed upon, irrefutable supplier quality standard related to the surface quality of the product is one way to avoid this confusion altogether.

Ok, but how do we know which aspect of the surface should serve as the standard?

  • Each material composition is unique, and if you don’t fully understand how the product is being manufactured, it’s impossible to set a benchmark for quality. Understanding the level of preparation of the material surface itself is one way to achieve this knowledge.

We don’t have access to their factory, but we want to know if the circuit boards that we’re receiving are of acceptable quality.

  • Using an objective and scientific measurement method, such as water contact angle, it’s completely possible to understand the quality of the surface and its corresponding needs for additional processing or preparation.

So, it’s possible to use the Surface Analyst to gain insight both into supplier product quality, recommend changes in their manufacturing processes, while also gaining insight into our own processing needs?

  • BTG Labs works with companies everyday to answer the questions that they have related to understanding their surface treatment processes such, including what preparation treatment to use, what levels of treatment should be used, and how aging affects their product surfaces.

In regards to post-receiving, how are we able to discern how we achieve the optimum level of treatment of the surface of our product, prior to moving forward in manufacturing?

  • In the same way the Surface Analyst can highlight a passing or failing product upon receipt from suppliers, you can use the same method the pinpoint the exact specification range for applying a process to your product to achieve the highest quality as it relates to either the next step in manufacturing, or the final result itself.

Ok, I’m starting the see the benefits across the board, but what are some of the processes that can be tailored to be most effective with the Surface Analyst?

  • Any process that incorporates surface preparation for adhesion can be measured and objectively quantified using the water contact angle measurement that the Surface Analyst provides. Furthermore, at any step between incoming materials and the storage of materials post-processing, information and benefits about the organizations' workflow can be gained and realized.

So, basically, you can give us the power of total surface quality control.

  • That’s what we call it around here.

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