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Custom Feet: How to Solve Surface Adhesion Problems in Difficult-to-Measure Areas

solving surface adhesion in tight areas

What do both of these statements about surface adhesion have in common?

  • “We need to measure surface quality of the teeth on a gear to make sure the coating stays on.”
  •  “We need to make sure the coating on our tubing is uniform, but we can’t measure a curved surface with our current surface testing method.”

The answer?

Both require a surface quality measurement of an “impossible,” hard-to-reach or non-flat surface, if the problems are to be resolved.

So, what’s an engineer to do then?

In the past, the answer was this: Nothing. Methods simply did not exist.

“Fact: It’s now possible to obtain surface quality measurements, and tailor your treatment processes, on seemingly unreachable or small-area material surfaces.”

Custom Feet, in tandem with the Surface Analyst, allow manufacturers to think about the problems they’re having in their operation in a completely new way.

solving adhesion problems

How so?

The problems that were once thought to be “something we have to live with,” suddenly become something that, if understood and then solved, can contribute to:

  • Moving stagnant development projects forward
  • Taking scrap costs to all-time lows
  • Eliminating costly rework time and lost production time

These very real items should be music to the ears for the Process & Quality Control Engineers out there, and are only just the beginning.

The beginning?

To the end of long-standing uncertainties about how to solve some of the toughest surface quality issues by measuring material surfaces previously thought to be unmeasurable.

Have a manufacturing adhesion problem and think your surface can’t be measured? We want to hear from you. Find out how a Custom Foot could finally solve your surface quality problems.

You don’t need to tackle your adhesion problems alone. To learn more about eliminating adhesion issues, please download the free eBook titled "Manufacturer's Roadmap to Eliminating Adhesion Issues in Production."

the manufacturer's roadmap to eliminating adhesion issues in production