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Happy New Year from BTG Labs

 Image above: Our President, Tom McLean and founder Giles Dillingham sharing in the joy of this past holiday season.


Ho, ho, ho! Merry Chri…….wait, that’s already happened….and New Years too!

First off, from everyone here at BTG Labs, we want to wish you, the reader and customer (or soon-to-be-customer), a happy and healthy New Year!

What a time for high spirits, and we hope that your organization charges into 2018 with spirits equally as high as your surface energies!

While our energy might seem to just be on the surface, as we may have had just a cup o’ coffee too many, in all reality we are deeply excited to continue our growth in the new year, and MOST importantly, helping you and your organization to grow as well.

Our team here at BTG Labs grew by almost 50% last year, adding new, talented employees and improving all departments and operations in order to best serve you, our valued customer.

Heading into 2018 will see some renewed focus on our efforts to grow our communication with our customers. We feel that business is a continual conversation, and not simply a transaction.

We’ll be moving into the social media realm to bring you relevant, entertaining, and fresh content to help you make the best decisions related to your processes and on the larger scale, your business goals.

We will be asking for your input on a regular basis, and we hope you feel compelled to join the conversation, as we feel compelled to spread the excitement for the power that we are giving organizations across all industries.

Remember, there was once a time when surface energy was a guessing game, and due to the vision and action of our humble founders, we seek to pass along to you the gift of business insights that will lead you to success in your operations.

Heading off and into the new year, with hope, joy, peace and hustle. Let’s get it going together!


BTG Labs