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Holiday Greetings as the Year End Draws Near

The BTG Labs team spent a classy evening reminiscing on the exceptional year we are saying goodbye to.

2018 saw major leaps for BTG Labs as the company progressed in the quest to provide the absolute solution to all adhesion problems. The introduction of the Surface Analyst XA made the most powerful adhesion metrology device in the world even more versatile now that the Surface Analyst technology has automated capabilities. That's a lot to celebrate.

The BTG Labs team traversed the globe this past year at tradeshows and conferences showcasing the root cause analysis our laboratory performs and building relationships with existing and new, exciting customers.

There is so much in store for 2019 and BTG Labs is prepared to find a solution to every adhesion problem no matter how complex. We have advanced our product suite and have a sharper focus than ever so the next year will prove to be the most innovative and exciting yet.

Wishing you a very happy holidays and we can't wait to see you in 2019.