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Speaking Engagement at AMI Medical Tubing Conference October 2-3

In the diverse and ever-growing world of medical devices, particularly those involving polymeric tubing, it is always crucial, and not always easy, to test and definitively guarantee the adhesion of your bonds and coatings. In the pursuit of bringing solutions to adhesion issues, BTG Labs is proud to be participating in the third annual AMI Medical Tubing Conference where our Custom Applications Scientist and Research and Development Chemist, Elizabeth Kidd, will be presenting the paper “UTILIZING WATER CONTACT ANGLE MEASUREMENTS TO VALIDATE CHANGES IN POLYMERIC TUBING SURFACE CHEMISTRY” on Tuesday, October 2.

Understanding and measuring the surface energy of your device is crucial to ensuring long lasting adhesion. This presentation will walk attendees through:

  • Crucial ways to control surface-dependent characteristics
  • The use of rapid water contact angle measurements as an objective, non-destructive method for quantifying surface energetics: becoming safer, more precise and more convenient
  • Correlating surface composition as determined by techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Examples of the use of this method for quantifying polymeric medical tubing exposed to plasma, corona, flame treatment and coating processes

Taking place in Woburn, MA October 2nd and 3rd, this conference provides a chance to experience in-depth presentations and excellent networking opportunities to everyone throughout the medical supply chain. The conference will be a chance to explore and discuss the latest developments in medical tubing and its multifarious applications.

There’s still time to register for the conference, where you’ll hear about the exciting ways to know the surface properties of medical devices using the methods made easy using the fast, easy, accurate, hand held Surface Analyst.