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The Automated Surface Analyst XA is HERE!

The wait is finally over. Making its world debut at MD&M in Minneapolis, the Surface Analyst XA integrates the power, simplicity and ease of our handheld Surface Analyst directly into the manufacturing process. Now, the most precise surface monitoring technology will seamlessly unify with any production line, magnifying the speed and efficiency of surface quality control.

The Surface Analyst XA is:

Capable of taking over 5,000 measurements per hour while maintaining it's precision and reliability.

Understandable result output is provided in a clear CSV format and we partner with operators to provide support and simple calibration.

As an automated unit, the XA greatly reduces the possibility of user error or variation that can occur with multiple operators. Since the XA is able to take more measurements in less time, it offers the most comprehensive map of material surfaces ever achieved to ensure the quality and consistency of bonds.

Non-Destructive A single drop of highly-purified HPLC-grade water gives you the number you need to gain total surface quality control. This water drop will never contaminate surfaces and can be deposited by the inspection head without ever having to touch the material (other than with the water, of course).

The knowledge offered by the Surface Analyst XA is crucial to the automotive, aerospace, medical device and electronics industries, just to name a few. These all have widely varied manufacturing configurations that the XA can be modified to harmoniously accommodate.

Not all surfaces are identical so the customizable fixtures of the XA enable measurements to be taken on any shape or size required.

Equipped with automatic data handling that can be easily incorporated into any existing MES with a wide variety of communication protocols including TCP, IP, Serial and others.

The same Archer software that powers the handheld Surface Analyst is used by the XA to provide long term trend analysis and process drift monitoring. This statistical process control keeps you informed about what changes are occurring on your surface overtime due to treatment degradation or other unseen factors that can lead to adhesion failure.

The automated Surface Analyst XA takes the guess work out of bonding, coating, printing, painting, sealing or any other interfacial adhesion process. When you know your number at all of the Critical Control Points throughout the manufacturing process you can then truthfully say you are managing your workflow. Without knowing your number and adjusting accordingly, your system is vulnerable to adhesion failure which can lead to massive loss.

Come see the XA in action at MD&M booth #1551 or request a demonstration at your facility so you can take control of your process.

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