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Surface Analyst 2001: The Tool That is Simplifying Adhesion Success

The BTG Labs suite of tools, that enable manufacturers and technicians to fully control their adhesion processes, has a new addition. The Surface Analyst 2001 introduces new levels of ease, simplicity and accuracy to manufacturing processes, providing the confidence that the surface will stick.

This handheld tool is an entry-level surface inspection device that harnesses the power of the BTG Labs' technology to precisely meet the needs of any manufacturing plant floor, field service troubleshooting, or processes that include heavily repeated surface preparation and inspection steps. The 2001 is built to be used in any environment and is sturdy enough to take accurate measurements under any circumstances.

Powered by the same technology that fuels the Surface Analyst 3001 and XA, the 2001 takes the guess work out of part preparation. You can have confidence in the number it provides so you can make adjustments to the process in order to clean to the proper number or send the part onward with the assurance that the printing, coating, bonding, sealing, laminating, or painting will be successful.

The pivot inspection head on the 2001 makes it an ideal inspection tool for film and flexible packaging preparation verification, responding to customers' complaints by doing an on-site inspection as well as quickly monitoring incoming material from a supplier. If you don’t know the cleanliness of the material when it enters into your process and there is no protocol in place to quantify and ensure that cleanliness then that's like cooking a stew without first cleaning the dirt off the carrots and potatoes. It begins the whole process a step behind. The 2001 is the simple and reliable way to make absolutely certain the job is done right every time.

The surface profile installed on the 2001 is precisely calibrated to your exact application and with the customizable pass/fail parameters, user error is practically eliminated especially if more than one technician is using the same device. There is a whole list of features that can be added to expand the use of the 2001 and dial it in to perfectly suit any application. Some of these features include:

  • SmartDroptm Detection – a software feature that automatically accepts or rejects an inspection based on the quality to give peace of mind that every inspection will be valid
  • Surface Profiles – additional profiles can be included if it’s necessary to inspect more than one material
  • Drop Note – allows users to save notes with each inspection for accurate data tracking and analysis
  • Dyne Mode – gives the measurement in dyne/cm as an objective and non-destructive alternative to Dyne pens and inks

For more information about how the Surface Analyst 2001 is the adhesion solution you’ve been looking for contact us by using the form below. Inquire about a free process walk which will allow our Process Engineers to uncover your Critical Control Points, which make or break your product quality control process, and reveal how to incorporate new ways of looking at surface cleanliness.