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Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Your Plasma Treatment

We've collaborated once again with Composites World for a webinar elucidating a surface prep tool that's widely used and seldom understood.

Watch the video of the webinar "Strategies to Control and Optimize Plasma Treatment in Composite Manufacturing" to learn how to get the most out of plasma treatments for polymers, composites, metals and other materials.

Plasma treatments have become increasingly popular as materials conducive to these preparation methods are being used more and more.

Substrates such as carbon fiber composites and polymers are being utilized                                                                throughout the aerospace, manufacturing and medical device industries in amazingly diverse applications all requiring guaranteed adhesion. Plasma treatments help make that adhesion possible but how do you verify the effectiveness? How contaminated is the surface before treatment and how activated is it afterwards?

These critical questions are addressed in this webinar presented by Dr. Giles Dillingham and hosted by Composites World.

Watch the webinar here to learn how you can take control of your surface treatment process and effectively utilize the power of plasma.