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Webinar: How to Control Non-Obvious Variables in Polymer Surface Preparation

Polymer use spans nearly every manufacturing industry, so the troubles with controlling treatment methods in adhesion processes have touched a wide range of companies.

May 2 at 2pm EST, our CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham gave a webinar, in partnership with Plastics Technology, addressing ways of identifying and controlling important and often overlooked variables that affect adhesion. 

View the webinar to learn to look in overlooked places


  • variables that contribute to failure of adhesion in bonding, laminating, printing, painting and coating operations
  • increased awareness of simple process control steps that can significantly increase bond reliability

Preparation of polymers for adhesion includes processes like corona, flame and plasma treatment, which can be very effective if implemented with proper process control feedbacks. However, processes like these may be successfully controlled and understood in a materials and process laboratory, but don't always translate into reliable and repeatable processes in production.

Root cause analysis we've done at BTG Labs has shown that this usually stems from a lack of knowledge of all of the variables that can affect the success of a surface preparation process. Variables that are not identified cannot be measured and controlled.

View the recorded webinar HERE and never forget these often neglected variables again.