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Here’s the Big Deal about Surface Cleanliness Measuring on Small Parts

Performing any kind of inspection on small parts can be difficult. When measuring for surface cleanliness, accessing small parts can be even more challenging, especially when measuring on the factory floor.

With the Surface Analyst, measuring surface cleanliness on small parts has never been easier. This handheld instrument is fast, easy, accurate, and non-subjective allowing for precise measurements, right on the factory floor.

With specialized measurement heads and a tether to allow access to small parts, manufacturers can verify surface readiness to bond, paint, clean, coat, print, or seal. The Surface Analyst optimizes manufacturing, repairs, and maintenance.

Examples of Surface Analyst applications on small parts are:

  • Coating on medical catheters
  • Conformal coating on circuit boards
  • Sealing and painting on automotive engines and interiors
  • Aircraft mechanical fastener bonding
  • Formed-in-place gaskets in automobiles
  • Printing on golf balls
  • Food and beverage printed packaging
  • Solder pad bonding

Stay tuned for video demonstrations of the Surface Analyst’s unique ability to measure on virtually any surface.

Whether you have a small or large parts, call BTG Labs today to find out about measuring on your surface.