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Improve You Understanding and Control of Surface Preparation

Watch BTG Labs’ latest video and learn how to gain total surface quality control with surface preparation with the push of a button. This video offers a way to better understand and optimize control of critical surface processes, ultimately giving manufacturers the ability to engineer a stronger product.

The video features Lead Sales Engineer Lucas Dillingham demonstrating the Surface Analyst’s fast, easy, accurate and non-destructive surface cleanliness measurements that can be taken in real-time, on the factory floor.

In seconds, the Surface Analyst reveals how ready a surface is prior to processing. Watch Lucas take multiple measurements across the surface of an engine casing post surface preparation. The water contact angle measurements, which directly correlate with surface cleanliness, show the level of cleanliness achieved by the surface preparation. The Surface Analyst reveals not only surface preparation success, but also uniformity of the treatment.

Because the Surface Analyst immediately detects changes in surface treatment, it serves as a way to compare different surface treatment processes such as hand sanding versus solvent wiping. The tool is also used verify and monitor plasma and corona treatment. This allows manufacturers to elevate their critical surface processes to the highest level.

The Surface Analyst gives the real-time feedback manufacturers need and, thus, improves business insight and quality control on the factory floor.

Check out the video here and learn how to take control of your surface preparation.