Surface Preparation for Medical Device Manufacturers eBook

A Surface Preparation Guide


In preparation of the American Medical Device Summit, October 5-6 2016, BTG Labs and Generis have created an eBook, “Surface Preparation for Medical Device Manufacturers.” With over 175 companies involved, this summit is a chance for those in the industry to connect and exchange ideas.

This eBook discusses the critical surface requirements in the medical device manufacturing field for sealing, coating, painting, printing, bonding, and cleaning. The industry uses vacuum plasma, atmospheric pressure plasma, and corona treatment for polymer bonding. Yet, there has been no quantifiable way to verify the cleanliness of their surfaces. Surface cleanliness verification is crucial in medical device manufacturing as it can speed production, ensure production safety, and reduce the likelihood of recalls.


Verification for the Medical Device Industry


The Surface Analyst™ provides quantifiable verification on the factory floor for the first time in the industry. It helps manufacturers determine the appropriate treatment process and provides assurance that any surface is ready to bond, seal, coat, print, or paint successfully and reliably.

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