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BTG Labs Takes on Vegas

Image above: BTG Labs Sales Engineer, Derrick Merrell enjoying a game of Jenga at Pack Expo 2017.


Last week, BTG Labs traveled to Las Vegas for the largest and most comprehensive packaging event in North America: PACK EXPO 2017. BTG Labs Sales Engineers met with leaders of the packaging industry to exchange the latest trends and advances.

The event gave BTG Labs a chance to visit existing customers and learn new applications in the industry.

BTG Labs Sales Engineer, Derrick Merrell was a first-time attendee and was highly impressed by the enormity of the show that included over 30,000 packaging professionals from more than 40 countries.

Sales Engineers Alex Bien and Paul McLean who have attended many PACK EXPO’s, explain that a lot of the major players are high end film and flexible packaging. BTG Labs plays major roles in these industries by optimizing surface critical processes from treatment to printing.

Replacing dyne as a non-destructive, precise, objective, easy, and quantitative surface measurement gauge, the Surface Analyst is becoming more widely used in the packaging industry that requires factory floor surface checks. The Surface Analyst addresses the industries major manufacturing concerns by monitoring and verifying corona—the most common surface treatment in this industry—verifying supplier materials, detecting surface contamination, verifying cleanliness of transfer points, and determining aging of treated surfaces.

Alex notes, “The stand-up pouch business is booming. Everything is headed that way.” The biggest industries were food and beverage, personal care, and some medical industry packaging.

Paul describes that the pet food packaging industry is a major player. “There is a high level of quality control concerns for pet food packaging.” The packaging must be strong for transport and storage, while keeping the food fresh and safe for pets.

This also goes for lawn care products such as seed and fertilizer. Commonly stored outside, these packages must withstand the elements to protect contents as well as maintain print. This is where surface treatment verification can determine the success of a product. Factory floor corona treatment verification using the Surface Analyst, guarantees the print will stick.

BTG Labs looks forward to 2018 PACK EXPO in Chicago!