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Print Isn't Dead

Contrary to popular belief, print isn’t dead: at least not printed packaging, an industry growing to a worth of $8 billion of the $20 billion global print market.

The printed packaging market is booming. As with any growing industry, manufacturers must work vigorously to produce the best product and continue developing better ones.

Some of the newer developments include smarter surface processes. Que BTG Labs. When it comes to surface processes, we’re in our element. As experts in materials science, we have the ability to optimize critical surface processes for manufacturers—including printed packaging.

Any printing involves critical surface processes including supplier quality check, surface treatment, verification, shelf life, and trouble shooting.

The Surface Analyst improves these areas of printed packaging. This surface cleanliness gauge determines the quality of incoming product; sets or optimizes specifications; verifies surface treatments such as corona and flame; determines the shelf life of the material after treatment; and trouble shoots printing issues.

Currently, the Surface Analyst is replacing dyne inks and evolving the language                                                                used in the manufacturing industry when discussing surface characteristics. While dyne’s destructive nature and hazardous chemicals limit it to the lab, the Surface Analyst comes in as a replacement that can be used in the lab and on the factory floor. It also compensates for dyne’s subjectivity by giving an exact contact angle measurement and pass/fail rating allowing this to easily be implemented in an assembly line and accessible to all users.

BTG Labs is excited to be a part of this growing a very undead industry. For more on the Surface Analyst’s applications for packaging, read the popular application post.