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2017 SAMPE High Desert Chapter Symposium: A Recap with BTG Labs’ West Coast Sales Engineer

Last week, SAMPE hosted a one-day technical conference, the High Desert Chapter, to provide an opportunity for composites manufacturers to touch base before the next full length SAMPE show in 2018.

BTG Labs’ West Coast Sales Engineer Aaron Berding, hosted a booth for the event.

Was this your first time at the show? What were some advantages to a smaller show? What was different about this one?

This was BTG's first time at the show. The advantage of the small show was that attendees had more time to stop and chat without the overwhelming crowds and busy schedule. They are more willing to stop and chat with your because there were only 75 booths, instead of 300, 500, etc.


Who were the major key players at the show?

The show was very small and was actually put on in conjunction with LMCO Skunk Works and the Local SAMPE Chapter in the "High Desert." All booths were 10'x10'. It was more of a mini-conference with scientists and engineers giving presentations.

How was our booth? What were attendees’ impressions? Were there a lot of visitors?

Much like any conference where research is being presented, it would come in waves. Several attendees who visited the booth saw a Surface Analyst demonstration for the first time. And, I took the opportunity to share new software features to current users. Everyone who visited our booth acted very excited and interested in what the Surface Analyst can provide.

What are some of the latest industry trends you picked up on?

Most of the trends are in the advancement of raw carbon fiber materials. These advancements are focused on the ability to improve the weight of the material while still retaining or improving upon strength.

Did you learn new applications for the SA?

We may have an opportunity to help a company check incoming material for a chrome plating process performed by a supplier.

Did you get to explore other booths?

Yes, I took some time to explore the other booths and see who else was at the show. This was a good opportunity to see what other types of vendors have interest in being at a small conference like this. There were many raw carbon fiber, honeycomb, and foam core companies. I also saw custom formed parts manufacturers as well as adhesive and tape vendors.

Overall I made contact with a lot of current BTG customers working in the Palmdale/Lancaster area. We were able to touch base on their current and upcoming projects, and what we could do to support their efforts in relation to the Surface Analyst.