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2016: A Big Year for BTG Labs

The New BTG Labs

2016 was a big year for BTG Labs. The year brought new members and growth, to improvements on the Surface Analyst and a new company look. The BTG Labs team comprises of a collection of members from diverse backgrounds such as engineering, marketing, software development, and sales.

Our new branding took us from Brighton Technologies Group, to BTG Labs. Our new name and logo better reflects who we are: a modern and innovative Surface Analysis company. We call the new, full color logo the Taking Flight mark. It is an abstraction of the contact angle measurement, flowing across multiple dimensions. The logo celebrates the uniqueness and innovation of BTG Labs as well as our ties to diverse industries. Along with these improvements have come improvements to our facility with a new exterior paint color and completely re-done interior. We now have a space that reflects our new look and feel.

BTG Labs has evolved from an R&D services group to a booming Surface Analyst product company. Through years of deep experience and knowledge in surface engineering and material science, we decided to offer this knowledge to our customers in a standard package and in 2016, created new standard Process Development Packages. These new packages help companies to develop and control their manufacturing processes. Once these processes are established, the Surface Analyst monitors them.

The Ever-Evolving Surface Analyst

The Surface Analyst is constantly improving but, 2016 brought about some of the best improvements yet. Archer, our new software driving the Surface Analyst is a more powerful, automated, and user friendly release that is the next generation platform for all future enhancements. The software offers useful traits such as a more robust statistical package with the ability to create graphs of collected data generated right on the instrument, a Performance Check Option, and many other improved features.

The new website includes a weekly blog featuring news and events as well as white papers and technical papers. Our website now features a Technical Resource section that houses white papers and peer reviewed journal articles.  The BTG Labs' website has plans for further growth in 2017, with a new video section featuring Surface Analyst applications and tips & tricks.

We look forward to 2017 to further our reach, make new connections while nurturing old, and improving our instrument and services.