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CompositesWorld Magazine, BTG Labs & Abaris Hosting Surface Energy and Quality Assurance Webinar

Webinar: Measuring Surface Energy in Manufacturing and Repair of Composites to Assure Quality of Bonded Interfaces

Thu, Jun 9, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT


This interactive tutorial provides a comprehensive look at common industry practices, including typical surface preparation methods for composites and an overview of the basic scientific principles involved in measuring surface energy and how it relates to material performance in manufacturing and repair. This presentation will focus on universal methods and techniques used to measure and achieve durable and consistent surface preparation in manufacturing across all industries. Ensuring surface condition and consistency is a vital component for guaranteeing success in sealing, coating, bonding, painting, printing or cleaning.

Webinar: Measuring Surface Energy in Manufacturing and Repair of Composites to Assure Quality of Bonded Interfaces


  • Common surface preparation methods and techniques for composite substrates.
  • What is surface energy and why is it important to maintain and understand it in manufacturing.
  • How to measure surface energy in a manufacturing or repair environment.
  • Using surface energy measurements to modify surface energy, determine process optimization, and perform quality assurance.

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Lucas Dillingham, BTG Labs Lucas Dillingham
Head Sales Engineer - BTG Labs

Lucas Dillingham is head sales engineer at BTG Labs and an expert in BTG Labs surface analysis, as well as other manufacturing level surface inspection technologies. Lucas has more than five years’ experience selling metrology equipment at Mettler-Toledo and BTG Labs, including extensive experience in a variety of process solutions for engineering surfaces prior to adhesion.





Lou Dorworth, Abaris

Louis C. (Lou) Dorworth
Abaris Direct Services Manager

Lou Dorworth has been involved with the advanced composites industry since 1978. He has been associated with Abaris since its inception in 1983 and has been employed by Abaris Training Resources Inc. since 1989, where he currently manages the Direct Services Division. Lou is a composite materials and process specialist by trade, with experience in R&D, material and process engineering, manufacturing engineering, tool design engineering, tool fabrication, and of course, teaching composite related subjects.