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BTG Labs Webinar with Abaris on Measuring Surface Energy of Bonded Composites

BTG Labs Collaborates with Abaris to Present Webinar

Giles Dillingham of BTG Labs recently  presented a webinar with Louis Dorworth of Abaris. Hosted by Composites World Magazine, this webinar discussed surface energy measurements on composites. The presentation entitled "Measuring Surface Energy in Manufacturing and Repair of Composites to Assure Quality of Bonded Interfaces" brought over 550 registrants.

Abaris and BTG Labs Webinar

In this webinar, Abaris provided their years of expertise in advanced composite training and consultation services. Abaris continues to inform and educate on the latest composite manufacturing processes. They offer 26 different composite courses in engineering, manufacturing, and repair related topics.

Some topics included the description of basic bonding requirements of composites, goals of surface preparation, things to avoid when preparing composite surfaces, and varying surface preparation methods. They discussed measuring surface energy when repairing composites. Hence, controlling and measuring surface energy can cut down on repair time and reduce future failures. The webinar also delves in to the descriptions and effects of different treatments such as abrasion, flame, and plasma treatment.

Verifying Surface Energy of Bonded Composites to Assure Successful Adhesion

This is where the Surface Analyst™ comes in. To ensure reliable composite bonds, appropriate preparation processes must apply. Furthermore, verification of these process must follow: this includes measuring and obtaining the desired surface energy during repairs to reduce future failures. The Surface Analyst can verify and quantify surface preparation processes and surface cleanliness levels.


Click here to watch the full presentation to learn more about surface energy measurements and their importance in composite manufacturing.