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BTG Labs Celebrates Knowledge

Monthly Lunch & Learn

As a science based company, BTG Labs emphasizes the importance of continually sharing and gaining knowledge. Once a month, the office gathers together over lunch for one reason: to learn.

Our topics vary, as do our "instructors". We've had Lunch & Learns presented by a chemist about our X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer, a "How the Surface Analyst Works" talk by a product engineer, and our most recent one, "Advancing and Receding Contact Angles" by our very own Chief Scientist and CEO Dr. Giles Dillingham.

 In our latest Lunch & Learn, Giles Dillingham, discussed advancing and receding contact angles. A common question among customers and even employees, concerns receding and advancing contact angles. The receding contact angle is a very sensitive measurement of surface activity and is used by many companies such as 3M to monitor surface treatment level. These contact angles can be measured by using a syringe to slowly deposit or remove the liquid from a surface, which in addition to being slow, can be very difficult to do.

However, instead of a syringe, BTG Labs' Surface Analyst™ uses patented Ballistic Deposition to measure water contact angle. Ballistic Deposition, unlike a syringe, allows for measurements on various surfaces and at any angle. Interestingly enough, this measurement produces a contact angle similar to the receding angle which correlates well with adhesive ability. The presentation always includes a question and answer portion in which all members of the BTG Labs team can ask questions.

BTG Labs brings together brilliant minds of several disciplines like chemistry, engineering, and marketing. We have things to teach each other and we are always looking to learn more. As our team continues to grow, so does our ability as a member of the Material Science community.

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