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Connect with BTG Labs at ANTEC 2017

What is known as The Plastics Technology Conference, ANTEC (Annual Technical Conference) 2017 brings together diverse members of the plastics industry from around the world. Taking place in Anaheim, California May 8-10, ANTEC 2017 showcases the latest technologies and advancements in the plastics industry.

Dr. Dillingham's presentation, "Rapid Evaluation of Surface Properties of Medical Tubing for Process Development and Quality Assurance" explores methods of quality assurance testing on sensitive medical tubing. Significant properties of medical tubing--adhesion, wettability, antithrombogenicity, biocompatibility—allow for the ability to deliver fluids, gases, drain, and enter the body effectively. Yet, these properties depend on the top 2-3 molecular layers of the tube’s surface. This is why precise control of the surface is crucial for the success of medical tubing. But, this can be challenging. Laboratory techniques such a FTIR and XPS can reveal surface composition, however, these methods are not practical on the manufacturing floor.

Another way to gain insight into the chemical composition of a surface is by measuring surface energy. Dr. Dillingham will present data on the fast, easy, accurate surface energy measurement gauge, the Surface Analyst™. Unlike conventional surface energy measurement gauges like dyne and water break, the Surface Analyst measurements are objective, non-destructive, and can be used right on the factory floor for precise quality assurance.

Attend Dr. Dillingham’s presentation at 3:30 on the first day of ANTEC 2017, May 8. Or, visit BTG Labs at booth 220 to see in the Surface Analyst in action. A BTG Labs Sales Engineer will demonstrate how to take measurements on medical tubing with our specially designed catheter kit. Bring a sample and take measurements on your own material.

And, stay tuned for the full, downloadable paper “Rapid Evaluation of Surface Properties of Medical Tubing Process Development and Quality Assurance” in our Technical Resources section.

Visit booth 220 or attend the presentation of Chief Scientist, Dr. Giles Dillingham.