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Webinar: The Importance of Adhesive Bonds in Composite Manufacturing and Repairs

Mechanical testing of the bond surface on an adhesive joint.

BTG Labs recently hosted another successful webinar through Composites World Magazine. The webinar, presented by BTG Labs' CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham, entitled "Understanding and Controlling the Bond Surface in Manufacturing for Reliable Adhesive Bonds of Composites" drew over 580 registrants.

The image to the right shows mechanical testing of the bond surface on an adhesive joint.

In the presentation, Dr. Dillingham details the benefits of using adhesive bonds in composite manufacturing and repairs and ways to ensure the success of those bonds. The use of composite materials in manufacturing is increasing as composites provide a stronger and lighter material. However, because of their structure, mechanical fasteners compromise the material strength of the composite. Thus, adhesive bonds provide the most successful way in which to bond composites. To ensure the success of an adhesive bond, certain surface preparation methods must be in place. Consequently, the strength of a bond depends on the surface energy of the bond surface. The webinar discusses characteristics of a successful bond surface and different preparation methods to attain that desired surface.

Monitoring the Surface to Ensure Successful Bonds


The challenge presents itself when quality assurance of the bond surface is required. Without a way to measure and monitor the bond surface, ambiguity enters the process. Furthermore, Dr. Dillingham discusses BTG Labs' Surface Analyst™ which offers the solution to this problem. This easy to use, handheld,  quantitative, and non-destructive instrument can determine a surface's readiness to bond in seconds.

The webinar is available for download and includes the interesting and informative question and answer session. Questions included frequently asked questions about the Surface Analyst such as, "Can the Surface Analyst take measurements on rough surfaces?" and questions about surface processes like "What are some of the most effective ways to prepare a surface for bonding."

Watch the full webinar presentation to learn more about bonding composites, the bond surface, how to properly prepare and monitor the surface, and to hear the thought provoking question and answer session.


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