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BTG Labs to Present at CMH-17

This week, BTG Labs will attend the CMH-17 PMC Coordination Meeting in conjunction with ASTM D-30 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The purpose of this gathering is to present and collaborate on the latest in composite advances and standards and contribute to document updates.

CMH-17, the Composite Materials Handbook, is the go to reference and guide for aerospace manufacturers who adhesively bond composite parts. It features standard, vetted composite technologies as well as standardization for data collection and analysis of composite processes. BTG Labs maintains a strong connection with CMH-17 by presenting at working group meetings and contributing to content.

This year, BTG Labs' Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham and Research and Development Engineer Tim Barry will attend the March meeting to collaborate and present.

Dr. Dillingham and Barry will present BTG Labs’ work to a joint meeting of ASTM committees D30 and D14.80.01 on adhesives and composites. This presentation intends to create a new standard based on BTG Labs' Surface Analyst™, a handheld instrument which measures water contact angle in 2 seconds to ensure bonding. The proposed standard especially focuses on the instrument's unique abilities to deposit water drops via patented Ballistic Deposition technology and image drops from above to determine the contact angle.

BTG Labs will also contribute to a materials and processing working group on surface preparation and adhesion bonding. Dr. Dillingham and Barry will specifically focus on composite bonding. Their goal is to write a new draft of the surface preparation and contamination section of CMH-17.

Lastly, Dr. Dillingham will present a summary of work done by various customers that illustrates the broad utility of water contact angle measurements taken with the Surface Analyst.

BTG Labs values its opportunities such as this to educate and improve the world on adhesion and bonding with its twenty plus years of materials science experience.