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BTG Labs Presenting New Paper at ASNT 2017

BTG Labs is excited to present a new paper at the ASNT (American Soceity for Nondestructive Testing) Annual Conference 2017. Taking place in Nashville, Tennessee October 30 to November 2, this event brings together individuals and companies from a diverse range of industries including radiographers, engineers, manufacturers, and researchers for one of the largest non-destructive testing conferences offered.

Attendees will gather to present, exhibit, and exchange the latest developments and advancements in non-destructive testing.

BTG Labs’ Research and Development Chemists Elizabeth Kidd and Brooke Campbell will present a brand new paper entitled, “Utilizing Water Contact Angle Measurements to Predict Surface Preparedness for Dye Penetrant Application.”

This paper examines ways to ensure surface cleanliness with a non-destructive method for dye application. BTG Labs conducted a study in which surface energies of washed and unwashed aluminum parts were taken and correlated with dye wettability. Successful dye penetrant wettability for fluorescent crack inspections requires a clean surface and a way to quantify the cleanliness of the surface.

BTG Labs will be right at home at ASNT as proud manufacturers of the fast, east, accurate, hand held surface cleanliness device that is completely non-destructive: the Surface Analyst.

Register for the event and attend BTG Labs' presentation on Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 5:00 pm in room Tennessee C.