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BTG Labs will Exhibit and Present at ACCE 2017


Next week, BTG Labs will exhibit and present at SPE ACCE (Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition) the world’s leading automotive composites forum. Over 800 speakers, exhibitors, and attendees from around the world will gather in Novi, Michigan September 6-8 to share the latest in thermoset and thermoplastic composites for automotive manufacturing.

BTG Labs Lead Sales Engineer Lucas Dillingham will present “Understanding Surface Energy: How to Measure and Control the Surface Properties of Thermoplastics to Maximize Adhesion.” As the use of thermoplastics in automotive manufacturing increases, the challenges of bonding this low energy surface must be overcome.

Lucas will discuss surface characteristics of thermoplastics and how to use that knowledge to create and control a surface that is ready to bond reliably.

The BTG Labs booth will also feature demonstrations of the Surface Analyst --BTG Labs' fast, easy, accurate, non-destructive surface cleanliness gauge. Attendees can bring samples of their material to try out the Surface Analyst for their own applications.

There’s still time to register. BTG Labs is excited to connect and share with fellow experts in the automotive composite industry.