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Chief Scientist Giles Dillingham Presents at the National Lab in Los Alamos

Nestled in the tall pines of the Jemez Mountains lies the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This center of scientific excellence, brings together some of the top minds in the world to maintain the country’s nuclear arsenal.

This maintenance requires precise attention to detail and includes upkeep and repairs.

Dr. Dillingham presented to the lab last week on how those repairs can be improved and ways to establish the strongest possible bond.

His presentation, “Understanding and Controlling the Bond Surface in Manufacturing for Reliable Adhesive Bonding” delved into surface characteristics, the importance of controlling the bond surface, and characteristics of the surface that can be manipulated to form stronger bonds.

He emphasized that establishing a bond creates a chemical reaction. Thus, surface critical processes require the same care one would take in a chemical plant with attention to detail and contaminants.

Dr. Dillingham discussed how bond surfaces interact with adhesives and how that interaction can be manipulated. Controlling the bond surface brings about the ability to improve surface cleanliness for stronger, more reliable bonds.

The presentation brought over 30 attendees. Dr. Dillingham was pleased to say they were, “A really good crowd. They listened with rapt attention and asked really good questions.”

BTG Labs is changing the way industries look at surfaces and bond interactions. To learn more about the importance of controlling the bonds surface and how it can be done, check out this webinar presented by Giles Dillingham.