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Giles Dillingham's Presentation at the American Chemical Society National Meeting and Expo 2016

A Gathering of Chemical Professionals

Dr. Giles Dillingham, BTG's CEO and Chief Scientist, will present at the American Chemical Society (AMS) National Meeting and Expo 2016. The Expo takes place August 21-25 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. AMS brings together chemical professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and advancements. With over 300 exhibitors and over 8,000 papers presented, this event provides endless information on the latest in knowledge and chemical advances.


Dr. Dillingam's Presentation on Surface Contaminants

 During the event, Dr. Dillingham will present as part of a symposium organized by The Dow Chemical Company entitled, "Polymer Adhesives and Adhesion by Design: Fundamentals to Applications."His presentation, based on the article, "A New Approach for the Evaluation  of the Effects of Contaminants on Surface Sensitive Processes" addresses methods of evaluating surface contaminants and ways to improve those methods.

This article discusses the current method for evaluating the effects of contaminants on surfaces and furthermore, how it can be reformed to more efficiently understand and examine contaminants and their effects on surface sensitive processes such as adhesion. The current method entails examining a complex blend of multiple contaminants.

However, this approach reveals nothing about the individual contaminants and why they are detrimental to adhesion. Hence, an understanding of individual contaminants can create a more efficient preparation process. Therefore, the new proposed method evaluates contaminants based on chemical structure.

Thus, by knowing more about the characteristics of individual contaminants, surface preparation processes can evolve to more efficient and reliable methods. Understanding chemistry and chemical structure promotes the advancement of chemical processes.

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