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Learn How to Gain Total Surface Quality Control

Watch the latest BTG Labs’ video showing the Surface Analyst’s revolutionary method for optimizing critical surface processes in manufacturing.

This video demonstrates how the Surface Analyst provides total surface quality control for manufacturers who previously had ineffective methods, or no method at all. The instrument’s portability, ease-of-use, intuitive GUI, and rechargeable battery provides a surface cleanliness gauge that verifies surface treatment directly on the factory floor.

Maintaining control of a surface allows the manufacturer to guarantee bonds, paint, and adhesives. The Surface Analyst provides instant quantitative surface cleanliness measurements to verify these bonds will hold reliably.

Manufacturers using the Surface Analyst are experiencing cost reduction, deduction of rework, lower warranty claims, and elimination of surface driven failures.

With the push of a button, the Surface Analyst gives real time changes to the preparation process. The user knows immediately that the surface preparation process has been a success and is ready to appropriately hold a bond.

The Surface Analyst is empowering manufacturers with the ability of total surface quality control.

Watch the video here or visit our front page.

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