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Learn about the New and Exciting World of Lightweighting in the Upcoming Webinar

In the fast-paced automotive industry, manufacturers are constantly working to engineer stronger and more innovative vehicles. Emissions regulations call for more light weight, fuel efficient vehicles. As a result, manufacturers require a way to build an automobile that has it all: strength, efficiency, and light weight.

Manufacturers are looking to the new world of ligthweighting; this method cuts down on weight and material without sacrificing the integrity of the automobile. June 8 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET, BTG Labs will host a webinar along with Industrial Market Insight, a strategic marketing consultant, and Plasmatreat, a BTG Labs partner specializing in highly efficient surface treatment.

Entitled, “Surface Engineering for Successful Joining of Dissimilar Materials in Advanced Lightweight Automotive Structures,” this webinar explores the necessary aspects of successful ligthweighting. Topics include bonding of dissimilar materials, optimizing surface treatments, and creating new ways to bond. In an effort to reduce weight, traditional mechanical fasteners are replaced by bonded adhesives.  Controlling and understanding the surface is the key to a successful bond.

BTG Labs Lead Sales Engineer Lucas Dillingham will explain how the Surface Analyst can help manufacturers understand and control the surface to develop a precise, in-place surface preparation process that is quantifiable and objective to guarantee bonds, save time, and eliminate waste. Lucas will expand the 4 Surface Critical Control Points for Manufacturing and their relation to lightweighting:

  1. Knowing the contact angle of incoming material.
  2. How does the material respond to processing (plasma, corona, flame treatment)?
  3. How long does the processing last; what is the shelf life?
  4. What is the appropriate contact angle to guarantee performance of dissimilar material?

Learn more about lightweighting and how to optimize its success. Registration is limited and spots are filling up fast.

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