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New Webinar Emerges from Plasmatreat Open House: The 4 Surface Fundamentals for Successful Bonding in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are all too familiar with the challenges of getting a bond to stick and hold. The success of a bond relies on the surface created prior to that bond, so, monitoring and measuring surface processes is the only way to know that the surface is ready to bond reliably.

BTG Labs’ President Tom McLean and Sales Engineer Lucas Dillingham presented during Plasmatreat’s Open House on the 4 Surface Fundamentals for Successful Bonding in Manufacturing. They presented to industry leaders who can easily relate to bonding and cleaning issues. The presentation was such a success that BTG Labs decided to turn it into a webinar.

Challenges with establishing a strong, reliable bond, when painting, coating,  sealing, or printing are tied into the surface preparation process and the ability to monitor that process. This presentation focuses on the bond surface and what it takes to bond properly to that surface. There is also a comparison of various cleaning methods using contact angles taken with the Surface Analyst.

While other monitoring processes such as dyne and water break fail to provide quantitative insight, monitoring cleaning processes with the precise and quantitative Surface Analyst tells the user, objectively, whether the surface is properly prepared to hold a reliable bond.

The Webinar Explains how to Answer these 4 Questions about Optimizing the Bonding Process:

  1. Why it’s important to know the condition (contact angle) of incoming material, whether it’s from a supplier or out of a parts washer.
  2. Why it’s necessary to know how your material responds to processing, i.e. plasma, etc.? Is the in-place processing treatment actually cleaning your product’s surface like it should?
  3. How long does the processing treatment last until it is no longer effective?
  4. What is the appropriate contact angle to guarantee performance?

Visit our video gallery to view the full webinar, “Guaranteeing Cleaning Success in Manufacturing: Controlling your Surface with the Surface Analyst,” to learn more about the 4 Surface Fundamentals in Manufacturing and how the Surface Analyst provides confidence to manufacturers’ bonding processes.

Watch full webinar here