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Q&A with Plasmatreat's President and CEO Andy Stecher on the Upcoming Open House and Surface TechDays

This week, BTG Labs will travel to Hayward, California to attend Plasmatreat’s Open House and Surface TechDays. As a partner of BTG Labs, Plasmatreat recruits the Surface Analyst to verify plasma treatments. We value chances like this to collaborate and offer customers complete surface treatment solutions.

This event, which showcases Plasmatreat’s new R&D Center and Plasma Laboratories will also include Surface TechDays in which leaders from diverse industries will present and discuss the latest in surface technologies. BTG Lab’s President Tom McLean and Sales Engineer Lucas Dillingham will present on the “Four Critical Control Points for Managing Surface Performance” and how the Surface Analyst improves surface sensitive processes.

BTG Labs sat down with Plasmatreat’s President and CEO, Andy Stecher to find out more about the upcoming event.

The purpose of this open house is to showcase the new R&D Center and Plasma Laboratories. Tell us about it. What’s new? What new abilities has Plasmatreat gained?

The new laboratory fulfills many requirements of our grown business.

  • We have increased the available space by a factor of 3 to 15,000 sq ft of available space.
  • We are better positioned to demonstrate and research with both low pressure and atmospheric pressure plasma for surface treatment solutions.
  • We expanded our capabilities for surface coating solutions.
  • We incorporated new associated technologies such as automation (Kuka robotics), CO2 and Laser.
  • We expanded our surface treatment testing and surface quality monitoring system technologies such as contact angle measurement and Optically Stimulated Electron Emission (OSEE).
  • We expanded our capabilities for contract surface treatment services.

The Surface TechDays will feature the latest in surface science. What is the most intriguing new technology to you? What are you most excited about?

  • I am most excited about the new facility, its modern clean open space, better organization, better structure, better accommodation of technology. We put in brand-new infrastructure such as power, air, and other utilities to best support all present plasma technology.
  • The new building has allowed us to hire more staff especially in R&D to better support customers in challenging surface treatment solutions.
  • I really like our improved capability to showcase more complete surface treatment solutions which incorporate other technologies. The new lab and actual installations of such technologies let existing and new customers try and experiment and not simply rely on board room presentations or random samples.
  • The vicinity in Silicon Valley and top notch universities such as Stanford and Berkley and the many companies active in electronics and medical applications will make this an attractive location for collaboration and innovation.

What do you expect from this event? What are you looking forward to the most?

We expect to have more than 100 people present representing about 80 or more companies. It appears to be the crème de la crème of industry leaders in the medical, electronic, aerospace and automotive industry. Plasmatreat is the global leader in surface treatment solutions via both advanced equipment technology as well as process development ideas and implementation. We want this event to be a celebration of what has already been accomplished and be visionary in its presentations and demonstrations what is yet ahead for all industries present.

What can attendees expect to take away?

  • A clear idea of surface treatment challenges and related process solutions. We are offering insights from institutes, universities, leading companies. The topic is much about surfaces, not just about plasma.
  • This presents an opportunity for all participants to learn but also connect to start projects or involve participating companies, not just Plasmatreat, into existing projects. Projects that involve key process steps in manufacturing such as adhesive bonding, multi-material bonding challenges, as well as printing, cleaning, coating, sealing, decorating, corrosion protection and much more.


Plasmatreat is a valued partner of BTG Labs. Can you talk about this relationship and the Surface Analyst?

  • Plasmatreat’s business model is to offer clients complete solutions involving surface treatment challenges. A key question is always, since Plasmatreat is a non-touch treatment technology: how can I prove that treatment occurred? A contact angle measurement tool offers the customer within previously established process parameters the ability to prove out that treatment occurred as planned.
  • BTG has developed a hand-held tool which can be easily deployed in such manufacturing processes. The intelligence is built-in. So, operators do not need to fully comprehend what is actually happening – as long as they deploy the tool correctly and follow the read outs. This is very helpful and key critical information for successful, quality focused production environment.
  • The combination of both technologies work perfectly in unison to achieve this desired outcome.


BTG Labs looks forward to visiting Plasmatreat’s new R&D Center and Plasma Laboratories and learning about the latest in plasma technologies. Click here to learn more about the event. Stay tuned for Tom McLean and Lucas Dillingham’s presentation on the “Four Critical Point for Managing Surface Performance.”