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Read BTG Labs' Most Recent Publication in Converting Quarterly

Check out BTG Labs’ recent article published in Converting Quarterly’s Q3 issue. The official publication and technical journal of International Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators, Converting Quarterly is the go-to publication for web processing, converting, and finishing industries.

Industry professionals and researchers contribute to the magazine and offer the latest in research and development and industry trends.

Dr. Giles Dillingham, Chief Scientist of BTG Labs, contributed to the most recent issue with an article entitled, “Film surface properties: Techniques for measurements and control of treatment level.”

The success of print quality and adhesion quality of films relies on precise control of the surface. Manipulating surface composition with methods such as flame, corona, and plasma treatment can increase surface energy and thus improve the integrity of print and adhesion on film.

The control of surface treatments relies on the ability to measure the surface pre- and post-treatment. This article examines various ways to evaluate film surfaces including dyne inks, contact angle measurements, and adhesion tests. Finding a solution that is fast, easy, accurate, quantitative, and non-destructive guarantees adhesion and optimizes film manufacturing.

Download and view the full article beginning on page 61 of Converting Quarterly’s Q3 issue to compare results of these surface measurement methods on film.