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Register for BTG Labs' Upcoming Webinar: "Development and Control of Surface Treatments for Adhesion Bonding of Composites"

Join BTG Labs for another webinar presented by Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham. Tune in Tuesday, October 17 at 2 pm ET for this highly anticipated seminar.

Hosted by Composites World, this webinar has attracted over 300 registrants so far.

Dr. Dillingham’s seminar on optimizing the adhesion of composites, “Development and Control of Surface Treatments for Adhesion Bonding of Composites” will offer attendees a chance to learn more about surface science and ask questions.

Understanding the surface is the key to guaranteeing adhesion. Successful bonding requires precise control of physical and chemical properties. Using his 30+ years of materials science expertise, Dr. Dillingham will review the requirements for high performance surface treatment processes, ways to develop these processes, and how to control them after implementation.

The presentation compares and contrasts composite surface preparation methods and verification processes. This leads to the optimization and evaluation of surface performance. A precise verification method provides the ability to control bonding processes and thus guarantee adhesion.

It’s not too late to register for this informative and engaging webinar.

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