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Register for BTG Labs’ Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Products Finishing

Join BTG Labs August 29 at 2pm EDT for the webinar “How to Establish Quantitative Control of Cleaning Processes” hosted by Products Finishing, presented by Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham.

Products Finishing is a reliable source for the latest in surface finishing technology and updates. They connect manufacturers with expertise in finishing including industrial plating, painting, powder coating, cleaning, pre-treatment, and mechanical finishing.

This webinar will explore the importance of verifying and monitoring cleaning  processes prior to bonding, coating, painting, and sealing. Any critical surface process requires a properly cleaned surface. In-place surface cleanliness verification is the only way to assure the surface is properly prepared for the next step.

Dr. Dillingham will discuss ways to quantify parts washers and how to optimize bonding processes by knowing and controlling cleaning processes.

Read Dr. Dillingham’s full abstract for more information on the presentation and register here.