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Spring and Summer 2020 Trade Shows and Webinars

BTG Labs exists to solve adhesion problems in manufacturing no matter how long they’ve persisted, how complex their root causes may be, or what industry they manifest in. Toward this end we have amassed a wealth of knowledge we are eager to share with the world. Because when we all understand more about cleanliness and what makes production processes flawless, the doors are opened to higher quality products and greater innovation.

This Spring and Summer, we’re bringing our message of how to guarantee clean surfaces and eradicate adhesion failure directly to you. We are eager to consult with you about the importance of cleanliness and how to achieve (and then maintain) surfaces that are ideal for your manufacturing process. Whether you are bonding, sealing, coating, printing, painting or any other kind of interfacial adhering, we want to come alongside you to help you do it more effectively, efficiently and with more predictability than you’ve ever been able to before.

A great place to start this relationship is to engage with us at an event or through a webinar. Listed below are the trade shows, webinars and industry events we are going to be participating in over the next few months. Register for any of the events below and reach out to us to set up a time to chat in person at the event. We’d love to discuss your cleaning and production process and share our insight with you.

IPC APEX: February 4-6 – San Diego, Californiaapex20-logo

This is a massive event for the electronics manufacturing industry. We’re thrilled to not only be exhibiting at booth #725 but we are also heading up a panel discussion on the importance of ensuring the reliability of conformal coatings on printed circuit boards. 

We’ll be moderating the discussion among the panel of experts, which will feature our West Coast Custom Applications Scientist, Elizabeth Kidd, Founder and President of Aqueous Technologies and host of the Reliability Matters Podcast, Mike Konrad, and the National Sales Manager of Plasmatreat North America, Richard Burke.

Register using our unique VIP code: btglabs for a free Expo Hall Pass. Register for the conference by signing up here!


MD&M West: February 11-13 – Anaheim, Californiabanner

We’re excited to be returning to the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing conference this year. Visit us at booth #340 and see a demo of our Surface Analyst XA inspecting medical tubing and implantable devices. Register using the promo code SPECIAL when you register online to get a free expo pass or save 20% on the 12-track conference.



The Adhesion Society Annual Meeting: February 21-26 – Charleston, South Carolina

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 4.16.24 PMThe annual meeting of the minds of the biggest innovators in adhesion science and engineering is once again one of the biggest highlights of our year.

Our CEO and Chief Scientist, Dr. Giles Dillingham is teaching a couple classes during the preliminary short course. 

Additionally, this year one of our newest surface and process experts will be speaking. Rose Roberts, Ph.D, Custom Applications and Materials Engineer, will be presenting Tuesday 2/25 during the Surface Preparation for Bonding Technical Session at 1:30pm EST.

Register for the conference here.


Today’s Medical Developments Webinar: March 11 @ 2:00pm EST

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 4.17.39 PMDr. Giles Dillingham, CEO and Chief Scientist, will be presenting “Guide to Develop an Effective Plasma Treatment Process for High-Volume Medical Device Manufacturing” which will provide:

  1. Basic understanding of parameters that affect plasma treatment of polymers
  2. Knowledge of the effects of plasma treatment on polymer surface composition and properties
  3. Basic skills in developing and evaluating plasma treatment processes
  4. Strategies for achieving high production rates along with low defect rates

Dr. Dillingham will also do a Q&A following the presentation. Register here to make sure you get your questions answered.


JEC World: March 12-14 – Paris, France

Banniere-JW20-300x250We’re heading to Paris, France to join some of the world’s finest composite engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and users at the JEC World exposition for the first time. This is going to be a truly remarkable chance to expand the family of companies we’ve helped fight adhesion failure.

We’ll be exhibiting at booth P50b in the US Pavillion. Please stop by and see how we can help optimize your composite cleaning and assembly process.

Register here!



Aerodef 2020: March 17-19 – Fort Worth, Texas

AeroDefBrooke Campbell, Custom Applications Scientist and Ph.D. candidate, will be presenting, Critical Factors of Abrasive Materials for Surface Preparation and Repairs on March 17 3:10-3:35 pm

BTG Labs' CEO, Giles Dillingham will be on a panel discussing, Pushing the Envelope: Challenges and Rewards on Large Bonded Structures on March 18th from 10:20 - 11: 55 am

Click here to learn more!


Adhesives and Bonding Expo: March 24-26 – Novi, Michigan

Adhesives and Bonding Expo 2020

This brand new trade show looks to bring together some of the largest companies and brightest minds from a wide range of industries that bond, coat, seal, print, paint and clean for adhesive bonding applications. We’re excited to meet some new folks and learn about the challenges manufacturers are facing.


Register here and visit us at booth #825


Additional Events:

IEEE Webinar: April 2

Composites World Webinar: April 28

SAMPE 2020: May 4-7 – Seattle, Washington

Dr. Giles Dillingham and Rose Roberts, Ph.D. will be presenting at SAMPE’s technical conference this year. Register here and visit us at booth #E50

MD&M East: June 9-11 – New York, New York

Visit us at Booth #1247 by registering here!