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    adhesive bonding repair in aircraft manufacturing

    Adhesive Bonding Repair in Aircraft Manufacturing

    The two principle materials used in aircraft manufacturing, metals and polymers, tote particularly reactive surfaces. This leaves them highly susceptible to contamination. As adhesive bonded repairs become more and more popular in the industry, knowing and understanding surface preparation and surface habits becomes crucial.

    BTG Labs’ Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham produced the paper, “Qualification of Surface Preparation Processes for Bonded Aircraft Repair,” to present at an annual SAMPE Conference. This paper discusses the use of adhesive bonding in the field of aircraft manufacturing and the importance of surface monitoring.

    As metals and polymers experience exposure to contamination on the manufacturing floor and in the field, it is necessary to know and understand the relationship between contaminants and the surface. The difference between a well cleaned and a poorly cleaned surface may only be a few molecular layers, and may be the determining factor of a successful bond or a weak bond.

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