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  • CMH-17: Composite Materials Handbook

    by Emily Walsh September 2016

    Ongoing Advancements in the Field of Composite Materials


    BTG Labs maintains an important connection to  CMH-17, the Composite Materials Handbook. BTG Labs recently attended a regular conference which brings groups and companies together for the discussion of developing and engineering composite materials. Members also give presentations on the latest in composite developments.


    BTG Labs ‘ special connection began in 2004 when Giles Dillingham, CEO and Chief Scientist of BTG Labs read that CMH-17 declared surface preparation as the number 1 problem in manufacturing implementation. This promoted a lack of trust in adhesive bonding. Thus, a need to monitor, measure, and maintain surface processes began to take shape.

    These were some of the first murmurings that lead to the idea that a better way in which to measure and monitor surface process was needed. Today, the Surface Analyst™ provides a way to confidently measure and monitor surface sensitive processes. At BTG Labs, we continue to evolve our technology every day and the resources such as CMH-17 help move us forward.

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