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  • Watch BTG Labs’ Recent Webinar

    by Emily Walsh October 2017

    BTG Labs presented yet another successful webinar. Hosted by Composites World, and presented by Dr. Giles Dillingham, “Development and Control of Surface Treatments for Adhesive Bonding of Composites” brought over 430 registrants.

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  • Join BTG Labs for another webinar presented by Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham. Tune in Tuesday, October 17 at 2 pm ET for this highly anticipated seminar.

    Hosted by Composites World, this webinar has attracted over 300 registrants so far.

    Dr. Dillingham’s seminar on optimizing the adhesion of composites, “Development and Control of Surface Treatments for Adhesion Bonding of Composites” will offer attendees a chance to learn more about surface science and ask questions. …Read More

  • Understanding the Bond Surface of Composites

    The Importance of Understanding and Controlling the Bond Surface


    BTG Labs will host their second webinar with Composites World. The webinar, “Understanding and Controlling the Bond Surface in Manufacturing for Reliable Adhesive Bonding of Composites” takes place October 6th at 2:00pm (ET). BTG’s CEO and Chief Scientist, Dr. Giles Dillingham will address bonding composites and the characteristics of surfaces with the potential to bond well. Understanding and controlling bond surfaces is the only way to ensure a successful and reliable bond.

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