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  • This week, BTG Labs’ Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham will be co-hosting a booth and presenting a 3-hour long workshop with BTG Labs’ valued partner, Louis (Lou) Dorworth, Direct Services Manager at Abaris Training Resources, Inc.

    Louis C. (Lou) Dorworth Division Mgr.-Direct Services Abaris Training Resources, Inc. Reno, Nevada – USA

    As a specialist in the field of advanced composite materials and processes since 1978, Lou offers extensive information that he uses to educate the composite industry. His experience includes research and development, materials and process engineering, tool engineering/design, and tool fabrication.

    BTG Labs sat down with Louis to discuss his expectations for AeroDef 2017.

    What do you think about the latest in composite technology? What’s standing out?

    Composite technology is changing at a rapid pace as process methodologies and applications broaden across all industries.  Nano-fortified polymers and composites show much promise for enhancing structural properties in both adhesives and laminate structures.

    What can attendees expect to leave with after your workshop with Dr. Giles Dillingham?

    Attendees can expect to learn the key methods and techniques to achieving robust and durable adhesively bonded joints in composite structures.  They will have a much better understanding of both the practical and scientific factors that contribute to a successful adhesive bond.

    What are some issues faced by users when attempting to bond or repair composites?

    The primary issues involve controlling and verifying the integrity of the prepared composite surface, the environmental conditions that exist where the bonding takes place, the control of the adhesives so that they are not exposed to adverse conditions, and achieving a proper cure in the adhesive. …Read More

  • BTG Labs at AeroDef 2017

    by Emily Walsh February 2017

    AeroDef Manufacturing 2017  is the pivotal event for world leaders of the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry. BTG Labs is excited to exhibit, speak, and teach a course at the conference held March 6-9 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas. BTG Labs Chief Scientist Dr. Giles Dillingham will present on his paper “Understanding and Controlling the Bond Surface in Manufacturing for Reliable Adhesive Bonding of Composites.” This presentation delves into the challenges and logistics of adhering to composites and how to create the desired bond surface. Furthermore, Dr. Dillingham will discuss common industry practices in surface preparation and surface verification.

    Dr. Dillingham will also teach a 3-hour workshop during the conference with Louis Dorworth of Abaris. Their course entitled, “Fundamentals of Adhesive Bonding of Composite Materials” focuses on basic bonding requirements of composites, goals of surface preparation, things to avoid when preparing composite surfaces, and varying surface preparation methods. BTG Labs will also share a booth with Abaris. At booth 705 BTG Labs will demonstrate the Surface Analyst™, the hand-held water contact angle measurement device that determines a surface’s readiness to bond.

    Register here for this exciting event in the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry.