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  • Obtaining Quality and Consistency with the Surface Analyst


    BTG Labs’ Surface Analyst™ uses a micro-liter of highly purified water to quantifiably measure contact angle. This objective measurement enables any user to obtain accurate results in either a pass/fail rating or a contact angle number.  In a Gage R&R  study, the Surface Analyst was measured for quality and consistency. The study used 3 different surface treatments on ten titanium coupons: grit-blasted; grit blasted followed by plasma clean; and grit blasted, plasma cleaned, and allowed to age. Two different users evaluated these measurements. The result revealed that using multiple appraisers did not influence information obtained using the Surface Analyst.

    Figure shows that appraiser variation is virtually nonexistent.

    Figure from Gage R&R  study shows that appraiser variation is virtually nonexistent.


    Eliminating Subjectivity and Obtaining Quantifiable Information


    It is also notable that although all treatments may have produced desirable results, the Surface Analyst was readily and reproducibly able to determine the difference between these results because it produces highly sensitive, objective contact angle measurements. The Surface Analyst offers accurate and quantifiable measurements in a reliable manner, as opposed to other subjective surface treatment measurement techniques.

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