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  • 5 Primary Uses of the Surface Analyst

    by Emily Walsh August 2016

    The Importance of Surface Cleanliness


    BTG Labs’ Surface Analyst™ is a fast, easy, accurate, nondestructive, handheld device. It uses contact angle to measure the cleanliness level of a surface. Understanding and defining surface cleanliness within manufacturing is necessary. How a manufacturer qualifies a properly prepared surface can differ depending on the surface preparation process and requirements. Measuring and monitoring surfaces applies to many different steps within the manufacturing procedure. Consequently, the Surface Analyst applies to situations like: data collection, process development, supplier verification, identifying present and potential issues, and anticipating possible contaminants.


    Inspecting dish washer with surface analyst

    Surface Analyst taking measurement.

    Surface Preparation and So Much More


    BTG Labs breaks down the 5 Primary Uses of the Surface Analyst. This demonstrates the multifaceted ways in which the Surface Analyst can refine surface preparation processes to reinforce reliable, consistent, and strong adhesive processes.

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    Society for the Advancement of Material Process Engineering


    SAMPE: Leading Advanced Materials and Processes Conference


    Join BTG Labs at the SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Material Process Engineering) Conference and Exhibition. The event will be held in Long Beach California, May 23-26. SAMPE specializes in advanced materials and processes, and for decades, holds the go-to conference for the defense and commercial aerospace industry.

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