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  • water droplet on circuit board

    Today, the mobility of electronics allows us to broaden the range of when and where we use them. Consequently, electronics encounter threats such as water, extreme temperatures, shock, and contaminants. BTG Labs’ Surface Analyst™ helps electronics manufacturers build a product to stand up to elemental threats. This fast, easy, accurate, and non-destructive handheld device verifies surface cleanliness levels in order to bond, coat, and print properly on a surface.

    Typical Surface Analyst Applications in Electronics Manufacturing

    • Monitor cleaning processes for solder flux
    • Verify surface readiness for conformal coating in circuit board manufacturing
    • Ensure strong bonds on solar panels
    • Guarantee bonding of print on electronics
    • Predict adhesion for UV cured adhesives
    • Measure cleanliness levels of silicon wafers used in integrated circuits
    • Ensure coatings on composite conductive equipment
    • Inspections on glass used in consumer electronic devices

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