• Most polymers contain many non-polymeric components intended to stabilize, toughen, color and lubricate the final product. Certain classes of these additives are capable of migrating to the surface. This additive migration can create a surface that has a composition very different from the bulk of the polymer. If the manufacturing process includes an interface between the polymer and an adhesive or paint, or in the case of a medical device, contact with human tissues, additive migration to the surface (blooming) can have serious consequences. Blooming represents a form of contamination that can result in adhesive or paint failures or worse.

    This webinar discusses:

    • The origins of blooming
    • Common additives that are subject to blooming
    • Strategies for detecting, controlling, and avoiding issues associated with blooming.
  • Watch how flame treatment of polymers affects how ready your polymer surface is for additional processing.

    When it comes to preparing polymers for painting, printing, coating, sealing or bonding, there’s an optimal level of treatment, and the Surface Analyst shows how overtreatment can negatively affect the surface.

    Regardless of industry, whether automotive, aerospace, film & flexible packaging or otherwise, contact us today to discover how to optimize your material system using the Surface Analyst.

  • Welcome to the BTG Labs Materials Library series.

    In this series, we use the Surface Analyst to demonstrate how the surface quality of a material changes based on common surface preparation processes. We also give typical contact angle measurements before and after processing, to give a general reference for each process as it pertains to the material.

    This video demonstrates how the Surface Analyst gives you the ability to measure changes in polypropylene film preparation through corona treatment. These measurements are used to develop, verify, and monitor surface preparation processes in manufacturing.

    Whether you’re using the Surface Analyst in the lab, or in the hands of an operator on the factory floor, the Surface Analyst give you real-time business insights while dramatically improving quality control.