How the Surface Analyst works for Automotive Quality Control

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers alike understand the importance of increasing efficiency and reliability and decreasing failures and waste.

BTG Labs offers an innovative way to approach automotive quality control with The Surface Analyst.

automotive quality control

How It Works

The Surface Analyst™ deposits a tiny liquid drop (2μl or less) onto a surface and determines the contact angle formed by the drop and the surface. This contact angle provides an immediate, quantitative measure of the state of the surface: it is sensitive to less than a single molecular layer of contamination. The measurements are fast, taking under 2 seconds.

Unlike other contact angle measuring devices which deposit a fully-formed drop onto the surface, the Surface Analyst uses BTG’s patented Ballistic Deposition method to construct a drop on the surface from a pulsed stream of nanoliter-sized droplets. This is a mechanically robust approach that imparts kinetic energy to the growing drop, allowing it to spread to its true equilibrium shape regardless of the presence of surface roughness or imperfections. This gives a contact angle measurement that is a better indication of the true surface than angles obtained from traditional contact angle goniometers.