Adhesion Science: Principles and Practice

This 3-day virtual course will address the fundamentals and applications of adhesion science to solve practical adhesive design and bonding challenges. The course will be taught by a well-coordinated team of highly experienced instructors, and will focus on four fundamental perspectives: adhesive structure-property relationships (Long), surface functionalization and characterization (Dillingham), polymer rheology and processing (Bortner), and design and mechanics of adhesive bonds (Dillard). The course will allow participants to gain a broad perspective of the rapidly evolving field of adhesion science and engineering for emerging technologies from electronics to biomedical sciences.

All topics will be presented with an application/use-inspired approach to foster learning, including by those with limited directly relevant technical education or experience. Attendees can expect to learn about surfaces and interfaces, polymer structure-property relationships relevant to adhesives, and the stresses and failure of adhesive joints. Building on these fundamental insights, participants will gain many practical insights into surface preparation, time-dependent adhesive characterization, test method selection, surface and failure analysis, joint design, and adhesive durability. 

This course offers an exceptional opportunity with a unique combination of four very experienced researchers/teachers from renowned polymer and adhesion science research programs across the nation, a virtual format to allow broad participation, an affordable price, and a focus on practical applications. Q&A sessions will be incorporated throughout each day.


Tuesday, Oct. 26 – Introduction to Adhesion Science
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific time

Wednesday, Oct. 27 – Adhesion Structure and Characterization
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific time

Friday, Oct. 29 – Adhesive Processing and Durability
8:00 AM – 5:30 PM Pacific time


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