Solve Complex Adhesion Problems in Consumer Goods Manufacturing

The ubiquity of adhesive bonding in consumer goods manufacturing can be seen in label printing, assembling sporting good products, coatings on smart phone glass, window manufacturing, audio speaker assembly, nonstick coatings on cookware, and hundreds more places. High quality products require high quality surfaces. We partner with some of the most popular brands in the world to ensure their adhesion is flawless and without fail.

Common Consumer Goods ApplicationsGuarantee surface cleanliness prior to adhesion processes

  • Verification of polymer treatment prior to bonding or printing
  • Create baseline cleanliness specifications for incoming materials from suppliers
  • Determine optimum cleaning and surface treatment parameters for ultrasonic parts washers, plasma and flame treatments, and vapor degreasers
  • Control the effects of aging on material surface quality while it’s in storage or shipping
  • Fix printing and sealing problems
  • Ensure new products are ready to scale-up to production
  • Validate surface cleanliness prior to painting or coating applications
  • Ensure bond strength of adhesives and tapes

Consumer Goods Case Studies

Learn about how businesses have used Surface Analyst products to improve their manufacturing process, reduced failures and improved profitability.

Monitoring the Application of a Barrier Coating on the Inside of Paint Cans

Surface energy measurements have many obvious uses; however, some are not so straight forward. A manufacturer of high quality consumer paint containers who prides itself on meticulousness, desired to refine their existing surface energy...

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Bonding Composites: Breaking Down the Surface Preparation Process

An innovative spacecraft manufacturer used composite materials for a structural component of their ship. These composite components were manually prepared and bonded together.  The company lacked an accurate, quantifiable, objective and in-line...

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Window Manufacturers Evolve from Dyne Inks to the Surface Analyst

Verification of surface treatment processes is necessary to ensure a successful product. A window and door manufacturer were using dyne pens to verify their plasma treatment on vinyl prior to bonding. However, the manufacturer was not happy with...

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Our Consumer Goods Customers

Some of the most successful brands in the world choose BTG Labs to partner with for their critical surface applications. Every day, companies trust the Surface Analyst to validate their surface quality because they know they can trust their results will be fast, easy, accurate and non-destructive. We strive to continue relationships with innovative, creative and successful companies.