Solve Adhesion Problems and Validate Surface Cleanliness

There is nothing more critical than a person’s health and safety. Medical device applications are on the front lines of preserving and improving human life. So, when manufacturers talk about requiring high-reliability in their cleanliness, bonds and coatings, they truly mean it. We help manufacturers validate every step of the adhesion process to give manufacturers total control and assurance of success and to prove surface verification of treatments in order to get FDA approval.

Common Medical Devices Applications

  • Validate uniform coatings on catheters and implantable devices
  • Verify treatment such as ultrasonic cleaning and plasma is uniform and effective
  • Ensure surface chemical cleanliness of stainless, aluminum, titanium, and polymer materials prior to adhesion
  • Prevent surface over-treatment of catheters and luers prior to bonding
  • Identify the presence of silicone that can inhibit bonding
  • Calibrate media blasting on carbon fiber or titanium for use in prosthetics
  • Audit medical supply storage for negative effects on coatings as a result of prolonged shelf-life
  • Culture well surface quality validation

Ebook: How to Streamline Process Design to Production for Medical Devices



Medical Devices Case Studies

Learn about how businesses have used Surface Analyst products to improve their manufacturing process, reduced failures and improved profitability.

Verifying Plasma Treatment on Medical Tubing Prior to Coating

Medical device manufacturing is a serious business. It’s a business that directly affects a person’s health and well-being. When a product operates so intimately with a human life, there is no room for failures. The final product must be reliable...

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Bonding Composites: Breaking Down the Surface Preparation Process

An innovative spacecraft manufacturer used composite materials for a structural component of their ship. These composite components were manually prepared and bonded together.  The company lacked an accurate, quantifiable, objective and in-line...

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When the Success of a Bond Influences a Life: Prosthetic Attachment

Ensuring a bond will hold is the most important component of adhesion. At times, a successful bond could change a life.

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Our Medical Device Customers

Some of the most successful brands in the world choose BTG Labs to partner with for their critical surface applications. Every day, companies trust the Surface Analyst to validate their surface quality because they know they can trust their results will be fast, easy, accurate and non-destructive. We strive to continue relationships with innovative, creative and successful companies.